Latest Update from Island People’s Project

Autumn 2020


Dear Fishers Islanders, 


Summer 2020 was quite the surprise. We sincerely hope that you had the best summer possible considering these unusual times. Faced with new challenges, an opportunity presents itself to try different approaches and create a space to forge new ways of thinking. 


In a normal summer season,  IPP, with your generous support, organizes and supports a robust Morning Program, two Craft Fairs, the Cardboard Boat Regatta, the 4th of July parade with Fife & Drum, the House and Garden Tour, softball games on the ballfield, and (in the future) swim lessons at Dock Beach. Starting in March, the IPP Board met virtually nearly every week to tackle the big mystery question: what can we actually do this summer? We spent those critical months working closely with the Island’s core organizations. Our common purpose was crafting a responsible plan that took into account the many unknown aspects of life during a pandemic. To that end, we offered FREE virtual IPP programming to children both on and off-island but more importantly, we were able to provide summer jobs to members of our community. 


This summer the community came together and shined. All of the island organizations collaborated in ways we had not done before. By unifying around a central goal of keeping the island safe, our Island to Island connections were strengthened and the community established a stronger foundation for what lies ahead.


To that point, I am excited to announce that IPP and the Fishers Island School will join forces to create a
community garden. The purpose of the garden is for all of us to learn how to grow our own food and ultimately be more sustainable. It is with great pleasure that we welcome to our Board of Directors Meg DuPont who will lead IPP’s garden project working collaboratively and inventively with the school and community members. 


We also want to give a big thank you to Sarah Upson, who deftly designed, coordinated, and facilitated a new mural for the island, now installed on the FIDCO Electric Company building, just opposite Dock Beach.  We are grateful to the FI Library for allowing Sarah and all of her helpers, young and old, to paint the mural on their lawn while maintaining IHP protocols.   


Now that summer is shifting to autumn IPP is looking towards the future. We have bold plans to safely celebrate Halloween and remain engaged with the community throughout the winter months. Extraordinary things happen when we are united in a common purpose, but we need your financial support to make it happen. Thank you for your partnership.




Jessie Doyle and the IPP Board