IPP Morning Program:
We have a new Director and we're officially looking forward to summer!

Please go to the Morning Program page to learn more. A familiar face to some, and new to others!

We also have a new Assistant Director this year who will run the dance and drama part of the summer program. We are thrilled to have Ana Rose as an integral member of the Morning Program team.

As of March 15th, we are no longer accepting counselor applications. We are grateful to all that showed interest and we will notify you in the coming weeks of our decisions.

Online Registration will begin for year-round children on April 1st, and for seasonal residents' children at 12 midnight, Monday, May 1st. If you have questions about how to register your child, please visit our FAQ page . If you have more questions about registering your child for next summer after reading through the FAQ page, please email Bailey Sperry at ippreg@gmail.com



General Questions, or interested in volunteering? contact us via email, and we're happy to help.

When to register for IPP morning program? 

April 1st for year round, May 1st for Summer residents!